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Indeed, she did—moving in with an open posture towards me, she leaned in, and we began to embrace.

However, as the receiver of this hug, I felt the person hollow her torso backwards in her body, move sideways, and barely make physical contact with me.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions for body language expert Tonya Reiman, author of THE BODY LANGUAGE OF DATING.

Herewith, she answers some of our pressing questions from people looking for their perfect match.

Or if you’re at a bar counter, and you slide towards them to let others pass, does your date place their hands on you?

If your date is purring inside because of your body language attraction, they can’t help but involuntarily try getting more body contact from you.

I waited to see if the person would respond to my nonverbal invitation.

Body language attraction and responses This is as simple as it gets. After you start touching your date occasionally, is your potential mate leaning in closer or sitting down in such a manner that both your feet are almost next to each other?

When your date leans in to talk from across a table, do their hands stretch out a little further than necessary?

Her book has even more great advice, along with photographs and illustrations throughout, so you can see exactly what you should be looking for! It really depends upon what you have under those two buttons.

And now, without further ado--Tonya Reiman's Q&A: I like to leave two buttons unbuttoned when I go out. Each of us is built differently and because of that some can wear things that others cannot.

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