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I’m a 40-something woman, been divorced for over a decade, raising one great son pretty much by myself. I’m not sure why it’s so different this time, but something about it just bears sharing with the rest of the world.

Plus I like to cook and do a few other things I’ll also share just to break up the monotony.

People express concerns about looking “single,” lonely, desperate, on the prowl, etc., when going to social events without an escort.

Such concerns can be the result of feelings of personal shame or guilt stemming from past losses.

Being a successful player requires you to constantly improve, learn new poker strategies, question your game and respond to new stimuli.

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By giving a second netmask, you can design subnets and supernets.During that year the blog won an award, I was named one of the ten best online dating experts, and I began writing for The Huffington Post, which further expanded my following.Welcome to my view of the world from my little broom.With each blink, this film of fluid between the contact lens and the eye is replaced with fresh fluid, allowing debris to be washed away and fresh oxygen that is dissolved in the fluid to reach the cornea.If this film is compromised in quantity or quality, the contact lens may become uncomfortable or even unhealthy to wear.

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