Online dating scams china

To cut to story short, we are now in a relationship and i love her so much. I registered on Chn Love 3 months ago, to begin with, the website is user-friendly, I was able to browse the website and spent time on user profiles, I found my choice and we met. I have been here for almost a year, and have spent almost ,000 dollars.I am glad Chn Love wasn't a scam and i am very excited. I am happy to state that I am currently dating the lady i met on Chn Love, i never thought it would happen and now i believe in online dating and thanks to Chn Love. So far, with the women who promised to meet, each time never materialized.If you need to translate any love letters or email in Chinese or Thai for a girl that speaks little English, just use the free Google translate service.It is not a 100% perfect in translation, but it is certainly 95% – or enough to make any girl understand your meaning.I don't know where to start from, but I was really surprised that Chn Love turned out to be a real dating website after reading all kinds of positive and negative reviews.

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Seek, find, meet, date, and love beautiful Chinese women on CLM. Oh, but men can be so gullible and easy to manipulate sometimes, especially when you know the right “buttons” to push and how to go straight for their “smaller brain.” Make a search on Google for “Scam Chinese Dating Sites” and one of the websites you’ll get is

forget , this site , you should never pay for love ,, I was on chnlove 5 years so many years wasted , dreams of some one real yet not " forget this site , o for a free site loveinasia , toally free , all Asian woman all countrys , I found some thing perhaps better than a chinese woman ,who upbringing is so different to yours , problems allways , if you ever thought to try a " philipino woman are more real more love to you , loyalty ,language,more exotic , skin , catholic, belevers in man and woman , not like our western woman , a different love you will ever experience , remember don't chance credits , money , lies , I did it for years travelled china also , forget it , its a scam , I did tests on site when you could send a free" cupid note to test 100, different woman , and you no 13 were real out of 100, because what I wrote in those cupid notes no woman on earth would , reply to the filth horrible things I would say , and now you see " they removed free cupid notes " yes , so u can not test a woman " now change there name to hide "bad name , , lol try QQ international, I did, also I even no many chinese woman from my QQ account worlds largest multimedia site who worked for chnlove , all fake " big bucks , anything related to money you can be shore its not real when they play on your emotions " remember years wasted , try dateinasia, I meet some one real for free nothing like the love of a sweet philipino woman " , face book , to messenger from there its not rocket science " you will thank me for this review" I know all there dirty tricks" anyone who want to ask me somefn, contact me, [email protected] tried this site off and on for more than a year.

Women telling me they love me and want to meet me and the when it gets time to have direct contact they made excuses.

Many times I would write and get a respons so quickly and with such a different response that I knew either they weren't reading my email or someone else was writing me quickly from that agency to use up my credits.

This company changed procedures on me twice and then added extra charges if if I wanted to buy the contact info.

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    I spend lots of time in this column and over at A(n)nals of Online Dating documenting the worst of the worst internet daters. But there are also some really good ones — and some mediocre ones that could be so much better if not for rookie mistakes.